Easter 2024

Join us as we celebrate the best news the world has ever known: the death and resurrection of Jesus!!

Easter services are Good Friday 10AM and Resurrection Sunday 10AM. 


In Our Place” is a sermon series highlighting the 5 things Jesus achieved, “atoned”, on the cross;

1. Exile (Matthew 27:46) – Christ brings us home because He was exiled and cast out of the community so we who deserve to be banished could be brought in. 

2. Sacrifice (Acts 17:30-31) – Christ makes us clean and beautiful because He is the sacrifice that purifies us and makes us acceptable to draw near to the holy God. 

3. Battlefield (Hebrews 2:14-15) – Christ defeated the powers of evil for us because He fought against the powers of sin and death for us. 

4. Ransom (Hosea 1-3) – Christ frees us from enslavement because He paid the ransom price, the purchase price, to buy us out of out indebtedness. 

5. Justice (Revelation 20:11-15) – Christ removes our guilt and makes us righteous because He stands before the judge and takes the punishment we deserve.