We believe in the central importance of God’s people being personally engaged in the going out of the Gospel both locally and further afield, to the glory of the name of Jesus. That’s why from October 2019 we have been partnered with Compassion.

Compassion are a Christian organisation which mainly works in the area of child sponsorship, partnering a sponsor in a wealthy country such as Australia with a child who is living in poverty.

What we love about compassion is that although they feed kids, get them out of poverty, give education and partner with families, they are all about providing for the deepest need of the sponsored child: the need to know Jesus and continue to grow in Him.

They achieve this by partnering with local churches in impoverished areas. And as you can imagine that creates an incredible ministry opportunity for the local church, as they are the ones who are able to show the love of Jesus to the community around them by giving support to children and families in need.

The program is very up front in the fact that any child who is involved is going to receive the message of the gospel on a regular basis as they attend the project at the local church weekly for about 8 hours. And that happens regardless of their family or personal background.

And it’s not just some sneaky strategy, compassion do this because they believe in bringing people out of spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty.

Our partnership works out primarily in members of Gospel Church committing to sponsor children in our partnered region of the Negros Island in the Philippines. This can be done by individuals, families or groups. Sponsors get to write to the child regularly, send them money for gifts on their birthdays and Christmas, really get a chance to do some long range love and care in the life of someone who has often lived without the space for hope in their life.

As a whole, we encourage people to sponsor by running Compassion Sundays 2-3 times a year, which are times when we promote the ministry of Compassion and have profiles of children in our partnered region available.

If you call Gospel Church your home church, then please talk to one of the pastors about sponsoring a child, or sign up at the next Compassion Sunday.

To find out more about compassion, visit