Gospel Church exists to see the good news of Jesus go out to all peoples in the country with transforming power for the glory of God and the joy of all who will come to believe.


We are so excited and grateful to God to be able to say that this week, after 13 long weeks apart, Gospel Church is gathering in person again to celebrate God’s grace! This is a week earlier than we had initially announced. This also means that online services will cease as of this Sunday as Gospel Church does not have the capacity to do both.

Return to gatherings will happen in 2 major stages, with some smaller changes along the way.

Stage 1 – Gathering in the Minlaton Senior Citizens Club

From June 28th to July 26th we will be meeting in the Minlaton Senior Citizens club at 45, Main St. THESE MEETINGS WILL START AT 9.30AM, allowing us to be out by 12 noon. This is a public gathering where all are welcome, however we are obligated by law to follow these restrictions:

  • Gathering limits. The first week will be limited to 37 people, but (God willing) that allowable number should double by the second week. To demonstrate this, we will be requiring all attendees to sign in on arrival.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided for all attendees.
  • Venue Cleaning. After every service the venue will be sanitised carefully.
  • Stay home if sick. We’d ask anyone with cold or flu symptoms to remain home.

We will be sharing a cup of coffee or tea after the service, which will be prepared by a nominated person to meet restrictions. In addition, please remember your own health and, if you are at a heightened risk, take measures to ensure your own safety.

Stage 2 – Gathering at the new venue

Our aim (which may change) is to begin meeting at our new venue from August 2nd. Our aim is to make this a long term venue. The venue is the old football club at 33 Main Street. Further updates and clarity surrounding this will come as the time draws closer.

As the people of the Risen Jesus, returning to meetings act as a foretaste and reminder of what is to come for us. We have been scattered, and now we can gather again. Throughout the world, the people of God are scattered, living as chosen exiles. But there is a day coming when God will gather in His children, and we will be together in joy to the praise of His glorious grace.

Our prayer is that you would know the hope that is in Jesus, the firm foundation of joy and freedom in the midst of this crisis and always.

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