Gospel Church exists to see the good news of Jesus go out to all peoples in the country with transforming power for the glory of God and the joy of all who will come to believe.

GATHERINGS in the new building

As of Sunday the 9th of August we are meeting in our new building at 33-35 Main Street, Minlaton! You may know this as the old footy club, but we’re hoping it gets known soon enough as the Gospel Church building. 

We are still required to ask for 1.5m physical distancing and to seek to follow other government recommendations. We seek to do this out of obedience to government authorities that God has given us, and in love for the vulnerable.

Other details of restrictions at GCM are available on site in our COVID SAFE plan.

As the people of the Risen Jesus, returning to meetings has acted as a foretaste and reminder of what is to come for us. We have been scattered, and now we can gather again. Throughout the world, the people of God are scattered, living as chosen exiles. But there is a day coming when God will gather in His children, and we will be together in joy to the praise of His glorious grace.

Our prayer is that you would know the hope that is in Jesus, the firm foundation of joy and freedom in the midst of this crisis and always.

We look forward to physically gathering again as soon as is possible.

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