What Do We Value?

We hold to 4 Core Values as a Church which we see as vital to the fulfilling of our Vision and Mission:


Believing it to be of first importance, we seek to be a church that is centred on the good news of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and is permeated by this in every part. Whether it be the individual parts of a Sunday service, the activities we do together as a Church, or the day to day living of our lives, we want the truth of the gospel to be seen and declared in all we say and do. Gospel is the overarching title, from which we draw:


We seek to be an authentic community of believers who are involved in each others’ lives and personally experience the implications of the gospel together. In this context we desire to live out:


We seek to grow under the word of the gospel, revealed in Scripture and expressed through intentional relationships. We believe this growth occurs as the gospel truth is applied to our everyday lives so that each person grows up into the likeness of Christ, as a disciple of Jesus who makes disciples for Jesus. We want to live on the:


We seek to be living the reality that God’s people are called to be the witnesses of Jesus, who boldly carry the good news of Jesus to a dying world, and who long to see many more come to glorify His name.