Unawkwarding Jesus

What is it?

Because of who he is and what he’s done, Jesus is the only hope for everyone. That’s why Jesus called his followers to be “fishers of people” from the beginning (Mark 1:17). At Gospel Church we know Jesus is the only hope and we know that we’re meant to be helping other people find their hope in Jesus too…but the reality can be quite different can’t it?

Some of us just don’t know where to start. Others think if we’ve just learned a gospel outline and recite it to anyone, regardless of time, place, or relationship, then we’ve ticked the box. Some of us try hard, but we feel like whatever we try just leads to awkwardness for ourselves and others.

Of course we can’t help it if people reject Jesus himself (many will). But what if our friends are rejecting the way we try to share the news about him?

This special training series is designed to help make things a whole lot less awkward.

Each week we’ll:

  1. Go to the Bible. We’ll read about and discuss loving ways to share Jesus with others.
  2. Hear from an expert. We’ll listen to a session from Sam Chan sharing practical insight into unwakward evangelism. Sam taught evangelism at the Sydney Missionary Bible College (SMBC) and works as a full time evangelist for City Bible Forum. The sessions come from a course Sam ran at SMBC.
  3. Discuss what it means for us. Together we’ll help each other work out what it’ll look like to put it into action.

Please take in mind that a meal is not provided, so make sure to eat beforehand.

When is it?

Unawkwarding Jesus will run on Sunday evenings at 7.30pm for five weeks, starting March 3rd 2024 and missing a week for the Easter weekend. That’ll mean we finish the week before school holidays.

Who’s it for?

Unawkwarding Jesus is for any follower of Jesus on the Yorke Peninsula who wants to grow in sharing the good news about Jesus with others. You don’t need to attend or be a part of Gospel Church.

Where is it?

Unawkwarding Jesus will run at Gospel Church Minlaton.

Want to know more?

Feel free to fill in the contact form and ask any questions you want!