How do you know?

So here’s a question: how do you know if the renos are a good idea? I mean, you’ve got big reno plans that involve re-orienting your worship space, but they involve a lot of big changes, so you want to be sure that it’s gonna be worth it. Our answer? Give the shoestring version of it a go, and then you can make the big move with certainty.

Yesterday a team of volunteers, for whom I am very grateful, got into it at Gospel Church, removed some stuff (the old coffee nook, the old wooden “bulk head”), added some stuff (a projector screen, temporary curtain “walls”) and moved some stuff (like, everything) and the result is a trial run of the new worship space!

It doesn’t create as much room as the intended final version, doesn’t tick any of the other reno boxes (storage, parents space, verandah etc), and it certainly still has some rough (unpainted) edges, but on the whole it’s looking like a real goer to me!